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Doing Business with the City of Oakland:
 Register and create your business profile  and at your leisure, maintain and update your information online
 Apply for an Oakland local certification with the City of Oakland
 Fill out forms and schedules related to doing business with us
 Search for certified firms to meet City of Oakland’s Small Local Business Enterprise and Local Business Enterprise

What is Certification?

Certification is a process of review according to specific requirements and/or conditions defined by an entity. If a business meets those requirements and/or conditions, the firm is issued a certification number and a certificate and becomes eligible to receive extra credits or preferences and certain benefits during the process of bidding or competing for City contracts.

For example, with the City of Oakland, in order to satisfy the requirements, a firm must at least have a valid business tax license, a substantial presence in the Oakland geographic region for 12 consecutive months.

What is a LBE and SLBE?

Local Business Enterprise  (LBE) - An Oakland business (a) with a substantial presence in the City of Oakland's geographic boundaries (b) fully operational for 12 consecutive months and(c) a valid business tax certificate.

Small Local Business Enterprise (SLBE) -A business with (a) a substantial presence in the City of Oakland's geographic boundaries (b) a full operation conducting business for 12 consecutive months and (c) a valid business tax certificate, and  (d) is an independent business headquartered in Oakland.  

Why should I get Certified as an LBE/SLBE ?

Certification as a local, small local, or local not for profit business enterprise affords the business and the prime contractor compliance with the City’s contracting policies. The City of Oakland’s contracting policy states that there will be a 20% minimum participation requirement for all construction contracts over $100,000 and all professional services contracts over $50,000. All construction contracts below $100,000 and all professional services contracts below $50,000 must include outreach to certified local firms such that a minimum of three local firms are included in the solicitation.

The 20% local business participation requirement must be met with a minimum participation of 10% for Local Business Enterprises /Local Not For Profit Business Enterprise and 10% for Small Local Business Enterprises/Small Local Not For Profit Business Enterprise. SLBE and NPSLBE may meet the full 20% requirement. In the case of construction projects where trucking is warranted, 20% of the total trucking dollars must be allotted to certified (Oakland) local truckers.